Laptop Motherboard Repairs

Creative IT is here to help with all your Laptop motherboard repair and replacement needs,Extra information here at laptopstandboss. For over fifteen years we have been committed to providing a comprehensive array of laptop repair services to satisfy your specific computing requirements, including motherboard repairs and replacements of all varieties.

How do I know if my Laptop needs a motherboard replacement?

Your laptop may need a motherboard replacement if:

  • You laptop shows no power or signs of life
  • The BIOS chip has failed
  • Blue Screen errors are showing on the screen
  • The laptop is not turning on correctly or is shutting down at random
  • There are signs of video display glitches
  • The laptop components are not working properly
  • There is no or dim display
  • Laptop freezes
  • You are having issues with start-up and shut down
  • There is evidence of screen distortion or discoloration
  • The USB ports are not operating
  • The battery is failing to charge correctly
  • The DC power jack has been broken
  • The fan is running constantly which is causing both slow operation and heat generation
  • Error messages show during boot up
  • The BIOS is displaying the wrong product number
  • Operating System Not Found appears on the screen
  • Error messages are appearing on a black screen such as: Missing Operating System, 162 - System Options Not Set, 178x - Disk Controller or PXE-E61: Media Test Failure

Your Laptop is in good hands with the team at Creative IT!

Backed by years of hand-on experience, the team at Creative IT can provide the smartest solutions in laptop motherboard repair and replacement, at the most competitive rate and with a minimum turnaround time. We value each customer’s individual needs and strive to provide a timely, cost effective and efficient service at all times. Whether you are a home user or a large corporation, we are here to assist you and carry out the repair or replacement as proficiently as possible.

We have the facilities and inventory to replace all the common items on a laptop motherboard, which include processor, graphic chip, fan, RAM slots, memory, front panel, chipsets, USB ports, CPU socket, parallel port, hard drive connectors, mouse and keyboard ports, bios setup and power supply connection. Where possible we will undergo the repair on a same-day basis, or even while you wait.

How do I get my Laptop motherboard repaired or replaced by Creative IT?

The Creative IT repair centre is located in Aix and conveniently provides a walk-in service for clients in the area during our office hours of 9am to 6pm, Monday to friday. However customers that are unable to visit the repair centre in person are certainly not at a disadvantage. We can arrange for faulty motherboards to be collected or sent to us via reliable postal courier services.